Ancient Egyptian Art
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Systematic Catalogue of the Collection, North Carolina Museum of Art

By Caroline M. Rocheleau

Over the last six years, Egyptologist Caroline M. Rocheleau has conducted a systematic study of the ancient Egyptian collection at the North Carolina Museum of Art. Ancient Egyptian Art marks an important milestone in academic research at the North Carolina Museum of Art, as it is the first book entirely dedicated to the Museum’s ancient Egyptian collection.

Rocheleau’s systematic catalogue offers a comprehensive examination of the artifacts in the collection, each individual entry providing a detailed description and insight into the object’s cultural and historical context as well as a translation of the hieroglyphic inscriptions. Each artifact is illustrated in full color, and several entries also feature color comparative illustrations. The catalogue includes a brief history of the Egyptian collection, full bibliographical references, a glossary, and an index.

Caroline M. Rocheleau is curator of ancient art at the North Carolina Museum of Art and an archaeologist specializing in ancient Egypt and Nubia.

Hard cover, 163 pages
NCMA Publications
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